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College Prep: Think Extracurricular

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Colleges love extracurricular activities. So shouldn’t my child do as many as possible to impress the admissions committee? That seems to make sense but it’s not the case. Think not too many, not too few. Depth not breadth. Ultimately, do what you love in a way that shows the colleges the unique person you are. Have your student participate in activities that not only interest him but ones in which he can make a difference. Some examples include: scouts, clubs, sports, music, dance, and community service. Look for opportunities that enable your child to acquire and demonstrate leadership skills. This […]

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College Prep: Great Transcripts

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Ideally,  ninth grade is the time to begin mapping out the courses your child will need in high school to graduate with a great college prep transcript.  It’s okay to begin thinking through the courses in eighth grade or even later than ninth grade. My older daughter decided she wanted to go to college in January of her 11th grade year. So we began the process then. Though we had to play catch up, it was not a big deal and she ended up getting into an extremely competitive college on scholarship. Pulling together a college transcript can be done at […]

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Encouraging Success in Your Children

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I often speak and write about nurturing our children’s gifts, talents, and passions—about encouraging their success. Homeschooling offers the unique opportunity to tailor our children’s education to their own personal bents. We don’t have to follow the standard scope and sequence designed for a typical student. The cookie-cutter mentality is often why students leave high school and college not knowing what they are going to do with their lives. They spend so much time focusing on that which is not their area of giftedness that they have no time to develop or even discover their true strengths and passions. As […]

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Being Still

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Being still means living in a state of internal rest. I often forget that the Lord desires this for me and that He, Himself, offers me this rest. It is part of my inheritance. As a believer, a child of the King, I’m given many blessings including the choice to live a life of peaceful rest—even in the midst of great turmoil. A few years back I was under tremendous stress. I kept asking God to help me complete all my tasks and give me guidance as I attempted to accomplish the lengthy list before me. I then felt this […]

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The Perfection Trap

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At times we fall into what I call the perfection trap, demanding more from our children than they are capable of giving. Our reactions to their misbehavior can be harsh, lacking in the mercy God has for us. When we constantly communicate frustration with our children’s imperfections, we fail to portray Christ to them. If we are forever irritated by their weaknesses, we miss the opportunity to show them the grace of God. Is not our Savior patient with us, bringing us to repentance? A loving response along with a heartfelt chat will do more for our children than the […]

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