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6 Ways to Spark Your Science!

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As homeschool moms, we want our science to come to life. Why give our children a substandard science education when we can make it awesome? Let’s explore six ways to spark your science and set your children on the path to a love for learning! Capitalize on Your Children’s Interests “The curriculum will always be there; their curiosity may not.”  When you are choosing which science topic to study, go with your children’s interests. Tap into their curiosity and pursue what is most fascinating to them right now. This is one of the greatest benefits of homeschooling—the freedom to choose […]

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Immersion Science

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Many educators promote the spiral or survey approach to education, wherein a child is exposed over and over again to minute amounts of a variety of science topics. Those supporting these approaches aim to “expose” the child to science each year giving a bit more information than was given the year before. This method has been largely unsuccessful in public and private schools as the National Center for Education Statistics data indicates that eighth graders are consistently less than 50% proficient in science. There has to be a better way. And there is: immersion science. Educators assume the young child […]

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