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College Prep: Admissions Essay

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It is my desire that this College Prep: Admissions Essay post will clear up the mystery of the dreaded college essay!It’s the one part of the college application that causes students the most stress. But it doesn’t have to. The purpose of the admissions essay is simply to: Get to know your child better Find out what makes your child tick Hear your child’s story Understand the “why” behind your child’s “what” No matter what anyone tells you, the essay is not the most important piece of the college admissions puzzle. It won’t make or break your child’s chances unless it’s horribly […]

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College Prep: Portfolios

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Years ago, when homeschooling was new, colleges required personal interviews and thick portfolios outlining every detail of the homeschooled student’s high school coursework and experiences. Now that homeschooling is more mainstream, portfolios are no longer requested or required. However, in this post, College Prep: Portfolios, I’ll explain why they are still a good idea. Here are the three reasons your child should consider keeping a portfolio: Colleges might have some questions about a course or two on your child’s transcript. For example, they may want more information about the biology course your child took. If you have a well organized portfolio, […]

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College Prep: Recommendation Letters

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Most universities and scholarship boards require applicants to submit a letter of recommendation from a teacher. This can be tricky for homeschoolers since colleges do not want letters from parents. When my daughter began her college application process, she had never completed a class outside the home except for an online dual enrollment course through Liberty University. She was enrolled in classes her senior year but barely knew the instructors when she started applying to colleges. My daughter ended up asking for letters of recommendation from her ballet instructors and mock trial coaches. It’s important to begin thinking early about […]

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College Prep: SAT Subject Tests

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Like AP exams, colleges put a lot of stock in the SAT Subject Tests, sometimes known as the SAT II tests. In fact, some Ivy League and top tier universities require at least two SAT Subject Tests to be taken before a student is even eligible to apply to that university.  Like CLEP, the SAT Subject Tests were created by the College Board to assess college level knowledge of a subject. Also like CLEP, colleges are often willing to grant credit if a student scores well on the SAT II exams.  If your child is strong in a particular subject, […]

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College Prep: AP Anyone?

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In this post College Prep: AP Anyone? I’m giving away one of the secrets to wooing those admissions counselors and luring in an acceptance letter from the college of your child’s dreams. For academic hopefuls, the junior year matters. Time to spit shine that transcript! My daughter never took an AP class until her senior year. In 11th grade, she was still planning to be a professional ballerina. College wasn’t even on the radar. Thus, she crammed four AP classes into her senior year (two were taken online). It would have been easier for her to do two her junior year […]

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