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7 Ways to Develop Writers Through Notebooking

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Notebooks are living books—creative expressions of a child’s learning. When our children engage in notebooking, they are uniquely authoring their own book filled with authentic ideas and expressions they will treasure forever. Some people mistakenly believe notebooking is all about writing, but that’s not true at all. While notebooking can and often does include writing, it’s really about building—building a book of learning. And there are no blueprints for how to build. Each child will approach notebooking differently. Some children will write a lot, while others will write only a little. Either way, as your child engages with creativity to […]

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Narration: A Homeschool Game Changer

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Narration is a game changer. It’s one of the things we got right in our homeschool. I can say this with confidence because I see in my adult children today that same love for learning that was cultivated through narration early in our homeschool—a love for learning that has carried them through their college studies and has remained with them as they’ve moved on to their adult lives. The beauty of homeschooling is getting to choose learning methods that are best for our children. Ones that actually work and encourage a love of learning. Methods that bring learning to life. Charlotte […]

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How Notebooking Benefits Your Child’s Learning

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Early in my homeschool journey I discovered that Charlotte Mason’s methods were the most effective way of educating children. So I knew I wanted to apply her principles to my science books, specifically writing living books that delve deep into the subject matter, as well as using time-tested methods such as notebooking, narration, and hands-on activities to increase learning and retention. Charlotte Mason talks about training attention, or bringing the whole mind to bear. Attention happens when a child’s whole mental force is focused on the subject at hand. How could my books not only engage but sustain a child’s attention […]

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Notebooking: Cultivating Creativity

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We all know how important knowledge is, but what about creative expression? Could it be that creativity is the missing link between joy and learning? Albert Einstein said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” He believed creative expression to be an essential element of all academic fields of study—even science.  The question we must ask is: How can we engage our children’s creativity in order to increase their knowledge? There are many ways to do this, but an important element is the establishment of a student notebook. The notebook is an […]

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Why Notebooks?

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Over the years homeschool moms have asked, “Why notebooks?” And to that I would have to say creating and using notebooks was one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things we did in our homeschool. It honestly kept me afloat and from feeling discouraged or ineffective. In fact, notebooks even gave me a sense of accomplishment, a much needed sentiment in the ongoing homeschool journey. We usually used notebooks in place of worksheets, even when the curriculum provided them. Fill in the blank worksheets with word searches, matching games, and the like were unable to engage my children the way creating […]

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