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Art the Charlotte Mason Way!

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Is art education the unsolved mystery in your homeschool? It is for many moms—but it doesn’t have to be if you teach art the Charlotte Mason way! Albert Einstein said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression.” Charlotte Mason believed art should be a staple in every child’s education, and she explains a simple way to make it easy and effective when she writes:  There must be knowledge … not the technical knowledge of how to produce, but some reverent knowledge of what has been produced that is, children should learn pictures line […]

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Teach Them to Write!

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Practically every college professor complains about the dramatic decline in writing skills of college students. “If you teach them nothing else, please,” they implore, “Teach them to write!” Writing, or the pedagogy of writing, has been somewhat of a fixation of mine. You see, ever since I learned that my husband—who doesn’t have a writer’s heart—made straight A’s on all his college essays, while I—a passionate writer—didn’t enjoy such an experience, I’ve wondered about this thing called writing. Though I’ve always considered myself a writer, most of my teachers and professors didn’t view the methodical eloquence nor the originality and […]

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