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How to Cultivate the Art of Free Time in Your Homeschool

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Free time in the homeschool is an art. One worth pursuing. It’s a long forgotten yet invaluable rhythm of education and is truly one of homeschooling’s best kept secrets. Not only is it necessary to understand the importance of free time, you need to know how to implement it into your homeschool day. Leisure was a cornerstone of Charlotte Mason’s methodology, and she provided ample amounts for her students. In addition to their academic studies, each day Charlotte would give the students large blocks of free time to pursue their own interests and passions, like the arts. They engaged in […]

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Steps to Self Learning

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Students who have developed a foundation of good character (no, not perfect children, but those who have a conscience about doing the right thing) and have gained personal responsibility for their education—with an eye set on the future—are prime candidates for self learning.  The first step to moving toward self learning is to carefully select curricula that is well suited for self education. This means the course can be used by the student alone, once he has grasped how it should be done. You see, after your child has learned to read (a teacher is often needed full time for […]

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Self Learning in the Homeschool

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As the idea of self learning in the homeschool began to take hold, I was asked to share some practical tips on how to move your children into a self learning lifestyle. Let me begin by saying I feel the biggest problem we find in government and private schools is that the students are taught to be dependent upon someone else for their education. They are not given autonomy over their work. Students don’t feel responsible for their education because someone else spoon feeds them and checks to make sure the entire bite was swallowed. If it’s not, they are given […]

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Homeschool Planning

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Homeschool planning was something I enjoyed. It helped me stay in touch with my children’s needs, goals, interests, personality, and learning style. I always took these things into account when writing and evaluating each child’s plan. My oldest was an independent learner and my youngest a self-starter. One was overcoming dyslexia and the other was average to above average in everything. Between the four, there were many things to consider when planning. The goal was always to challenge my children to move up a notch academically without discouraging their joy and love of learning. It was a delicate balance. I […]

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Why You Should Homeschool

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Where to begin? There are so many reasons why you should homeschool, the first being the freedom it affords you children—freedom to pursue an individualized education and life path that enables them to be true to themself and mature into the person God created them to be.  Freedom Let’s begin with academic freedom. Sadly, our nation is falling behind the global market in the academic arena. The National Center for Educational Statistics shows a consistent downward trend beginning after fourth grade. American children are simply not making the grade. They graduate knowing less than 50% of the material they should know. […]

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