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Anatomy & Physiology


Jeannie Fulbright shares about Exploring Creation with Anatomy and Physiology. Click below to watch the basics of this course. To read more about this award-winning homeschool curriculum, click here. To purchase this course, go to

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Apologia Audio Books


Audio books can be a real life-saver. We all know the homeschool journey is harder on some days than on others. When tears are flowing and the kids are slow as molasses, just getting through the three R’s can be a huge feat. We find ourselves letting everything else slide-you know, like science and history or art and literature. It’s okay. It happens to everyone. But Apologia has a solution. The Young Explorer Audio Books are designed to make science easy, when life isn’t. At the push of a button, science gets done. Not only do the audio books give […]

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Art the Charlotte Mason Way!

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child artist

Is art education the unsolved mystery in your homeschool? It is for many moms—but it doesn’t have to be if you teach art the Charlotte Mason way! Albert Einstein said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression.” Charlotte Mason believed art should be a staple in every child’s education, and she explains a simple way to make it easy and effective when she writes:  There must be knowledge … not the technical knowledge of how to produce, but some reverent knowledge of what has been produced that is, children should learn pictures line […]

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Spelling Solutions from Charlotte Mason


ABC Spelling Blocks

Some people leave the womb with a natural inclination toward spelling. For others, spelling is a lifelong struggle. I have children in both categories. With my natural spellers, I don’t think it mattered what curriculum I used. Spelling made sense to them. With my poor speller, who also struggled with dyslexia, well, let’s just say I spent a pretty penny searching for a solution. After years of trying everything under the sun, I fell upon a set of instructions in Charlotte Mason’s Original Homeschool Series. I realized at that moment that the methods used in all the other curricula were […]

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How to Teach Science in the Early Years

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Sadly, many educators avoid teaching science in the early years. Believing scientific concepts and vocabulary are too advanced and therefore out of reach for young children, they neglect science education during the most critical years when a child’s sense of wonder is most heightened. I know this from experience. It was my own childhood and an early immersion in science that fed my passion for the natural world and all God created. These experiences informed my philosophy of teaching science and are the foundation for the science curriculum I wrote for my own children and later published for the homeschool […]

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