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Creative and Academic Writing

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Creative and Academic writing are both important to teach in your homeschool; yet, of the two, academic writing is more necessary and useful for your child’s future success. Most homeschool courses that address writing focus on stories, descriptions, and other creative genres. The lessons attempt to pull the creative spark from the students, encouraging them to experiment with language, similes,  metaphors,  and stylistic techniques for writing. The ability to craft a more stylistic story is not necessary for success in college. However, having these tools can help a child when they are composing an essay for college. If the student is practiced […]

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Academic Writing vs. Creative Writing

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One kind of writing—academic writing—is rigid and procedural. It’s purposed purely to convey knowledge, data, and information. It’s orderly, organized, and follows a formula. It’s necessary. It can be dull. Anyone can master it. Everyone should master it. The other kind of writing—creative writing—is inspired and artistic. It entertains with word pictures, concepts, and deep meaning. It’s enjoyable to read and touches us while teaching us. It’s an art form. It’s not necessary to learn, but a joy to those who do. Academic writing will earn you A’s; creative writing may get you published. Academic writing must be taught, but […]

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Journal Writing

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The benefits of journaling are countless. It was truly one of the best things we implemented into our homeschooling. Not only did my children enjoy journal writing, the time they put into journaling during the elementary years laid the foundation for academic writing in the middle and high school years. However, I did not allow my children to journal until they could spell some of the common words found in a typical journal entry. Charlotte Mason taught, and I believe, that children should not be allowed to write misspellings as it ingrains improper spelling into their minds. I think this is […]

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