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The Truth about Spelling

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Over the years, I’ve shared my story at conferences and workshops about how God led me to teach my son to spell. As a result, I’ve received many queries about the program that I used. In essence, I did not use a program, but a procedure. I want to share it with you in the hopes that it will help your struggling speller. The first thing to know is that reading and spelling are two different skills. If you try to use the procedure you learned for reading with spelling (phonics) you will be a horrendous speller. Children should be […]

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Phonics Intervention

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Do you have a late elementary homeschooler still struggling to read or spell? Don’t despair! I have a solution that worked for me and it will work for you! It’s called Phonics Intervention strangely published by Saxon Publishers. Why do I say strangely? Because it just does not seem like a Saxon product. The author is a special education teacher who wrote the curriculum based on her need to find an effective way to teach her own struggling reader how to read. I can honestly say the program is very well done.  As many of you know, one child of mine […]

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