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My College Road Map

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Be sure to keep an eye out for my new college prep planner, My College Road Map, published by Apologia in 2019! It will help your children successfully travel the route from high school to college, giving them the best opportunity to thrive in school, their career, and life. While most college prep manuals are written to parents, My College Road Map is for the students. It imparts all your high schoolers need to know in a visually appealing, simplified planner. Think of this book as their: • 411 on Going to College • Year by Year High School Planner […]

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College Prep: Let Them Go

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After reading the past posts, you now know everything you need to know to help your homeschooled child find the college of his dreams. Whew! It’s been quite a journey, but you’ve been faithful and you’re almost there. Now it’s time to let them go. Sending a child off to college can seem like a scary thing. We as moms know there are potholes out there and lots of problems to be tackled. We wonder if our child is fully prepared. We know him better than anyone—his strengths and his weaknesses. And it’s those weaknesses that keep us up at […]

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College Prep: Admissions Essay

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It is my desire that this College Prep: Admissions Essay post will clear up the mystery of the dreaded college essay!It’s the one part of the college application that causes students the most stress. But it doesn’t have to. The purpose of the admissions essay is simply to: Get to know your child better Find out what makes your child tick Hear your child’s story Understand the “why” behind your child’s “what” No matter what anyone tells you, the essay is not the most important piece of the college admissions puzzle. It won’t make or break your child’s chances unless it’s horribly […]

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College Prep: Visiting Colleges

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College visits are an important part of choosing the right school. They help your child get a feel for the campus, the students and professors, and the overall atmosphere of the institution. Visiting colleges inspires your child to finish strong while looking forward with anticipation to the day he moves into the dorm. My desire is that this post College Prep: Visiting Colleges will help prepare you and your child for the exciting adventure of college road trips! Start Early It’s best to visit all your child’s colleges of choice during his junior year. That way, if your child is […]

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College Prep: Paying for College

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Although we need to discuss transcripts, college essays, and some other important college admissions items, I want to jump ahead to this post, College Prep: Paying for College, because this topic is a concern for so many. If you are worried about paying for college, be aware that there are many ways to make it affordable. Talent Trap In an attempt to fund college, some parents focus on their child’s talent in hopes it will earn him a scholarship. There are several issues with this, the first being that the child may not want to play baseball or piano or […]

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