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College Prep: Visiting Colleges

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College visits are an important part of choosing the right school. They help your child get a feel for the campus, the students and professors, and the overall atmosphere of the institution. Visiting colleges inspires your child to finish strong while looking forward with anticipation to the day he moves into the dorm. My desire is that this post College Prep: Visiting Colleges will help prepare you and your child for the exciting adventure of college road trips! Start Early It’s best to visit all your child’s colleges of choice during his junior year. That way, if your child is […]

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Steps to Self Learning

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Students who have developed a foundation of good character (no, not perfect children, but those who have a conscience about doing the right thing) and have gained personal responsibility for their education—with an eye set on the future—are prime candidates for self learning.  The first step to moving toward self learning is to carefully select curricula that is well suited for self education. This means the course can be used by the student alone, once he has grasped how it should be done. You see, after your child has learned to read (a teacher is often needed full time for […]

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Homeschool Planning

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Homeschool planning was something I enjoyed. It helped me stay in touch with my children’s needs, goals, interests, personality, and learning style. I always took these things into account when writing and evaluating each child’s plan. My oldest was an independent learner and my youngest a self-starter. One was overcoming dyslexia and the other was average to above average in everything. Between the four, there were many things to consider when planning. The goal was always to challenge my children to move up a notch academically without discouraging their joy and love of learning. It was a delicate balance. I […]

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Short Lessons for Homeschool Success

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When it comes to passion for a child’s educational success, nothing rivals a homeschool mom. We diligently research the latest methodologies and put to test the newest curriculum. We devour books on education, creating sophisticated lessons based on newfangled ideas. Yet Charlotte Mason found amazing success using the age old, timeless and simple tool of short lessons. Lessons that span a mere 10 minutes. She advocated that short lessons not only train the child to pay attention, they increase the child’s retention of the material. And Charlotte Mason was right. Studies reveal the average human attention span when learning new […]

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Free Time

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Free time is one of the greatest benefits of a homeschool education. It gives students space to think and create, to pursue and develop their passions fully and deeply. I’m so pleased with how much my daughter accomplished with her free time even during the middle school years. When she was thirteen, she taught herself to draw realistic animals with pencils and made and sold beaded jewelry. She designed HTML blog templates for other children. She put on history and drama camps for homeschoolers every summer beginning when she was nine. She even produced a ballet newsletter and sold subscriptions. […]

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