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How to Make Nature Study Awesome!

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Nature study builds into our children something wonderful. Something that cannot be attained through any other means. It instills a spirit of freedom and a sense of awe. A depth of understanding of God’s beautiful creation. And a curiosity that stays with our children their entire lives. The more time they spend outdoors exploring nature—freely and without structure—the happier their childhood memories will be. What a precious and invaluable gift to give our children!  My son recently told me he feels sorry for the kids in his college classes who spent their entire childhood sitting in a school classroom. He […]

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Nature Study

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We’ve all heard this and that about how children need to get out in nature. Charlotte Mason advocated for nature study ruthlessly—demanding we gather our kids and a book and go sit outside somewhere natural, even if we have to take a twenty minute train ride every day to get there. She was passionate about letting children experience God’s beautiful creation, so Mason’s brilliant, high achieving students did the nature thing. They excelled academically, though they spent the greater portion of their lives outdoors. Recent research shows us that Mason had the right idea. As it turns out, her students […]

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