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Lesson Plans

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I found my homeschooling days to go much more smoothly the times I produced lesson plans before the year began. There was more peace in the home and I experienced greater confidence. Lesson plans helped me so greatly because they reduced the stress of homeschooling on a daily basis. It worked best for me to create lesson plans for one semester and then create more over Christmas for the next semester. Each child was given his lesson book and each day he knew exactly what to do. I could have told my children each hour what to do, but that would have […]

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Homeschool Planning

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Homeschool planning was something I enjoyed. It helped me stay in touch with my children’s needs, goals, interests, personality, and learning style. I always took these things into account when writing and evaluating each child’s plan. My oldest was an independent learner and my youngest a self-starter. One was overcoming dyslexia and the other was average to above average in everything. Between the four, there were many things to consider when planning. The goal was always to challenge my children to move up a notch academically without discouraging their joy and love of learning. It was a delicate balance. I […]

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Why Notebooks?

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Over the years homeschool moms have asked, “Why notebooks?” And to that I would have to say creating and using notebooks was one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things we did in our homeschool. It honestly kept me afloat and from feeling discouraged or ineffective. In fact, notebooks even gave me a sense of accomplishment, a much needed sentiment in the ongoing homeschool journey. We usually used notebooks in place of worksheets, even when the curriculum provided them. Fill in the blank worksheets with word searches, matching games, and the like were unable to engage my children the way creating […]

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Short Lessons for Homeschool Success

Charlotte Mason homeschool homeschool planning homeschooling learning lesson planning lesson plans

When it comes to passion for a child’s educational success, nothing rivals a homeschool mom. We diligently research the latest methodologies and put to test the newest curriculum. We devour books on education, creating sophisticated lessons based on newfangled ideas. Yet Charlotte Mason found amazing success using the age old, timeless and simple tool of short lessons. Lessons that span a mere 10 minutes. She advocated that short lessons not only train the child to pay attention, they increase the child’s retention of the material. And Charlotte Mason was right. Studies reveal the average human attention span when learning new […]

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Nature Study

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We’ve all heard this and that about how children need to get out in nature. Charlotte Mason advocated for nature study ruthlessly—demanding we gather our kids and a book and go sit outside somewhere natural, even if we have to take a twenty minute train ride every day to get there. She was passionate about letting children experience God’s beautiful creation, so Mason’s brilliant, high achieving students did the nature thing. They excelled academically, though they spent the greater portion of their lives outdoors. Recent research shows us that Mason had the right idea. As it turns out, her students […]

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