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My College Road Map

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Be sure to keep an eye out for my new college prep planner, My College Road Map, published by Apologia in 2019! It will help your children successfully travel the route from high school to college, giving them the best opportunity to thrive in school, their career, and life. While most college prep manuals are written to parents, My College Road Map is for the students. It imparts all your high schoolers need to know in a visually appealing, simplified planner. Think of this book as their: • 411 on Going to College • Year by Year High School Planner […]

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College Prep: Test Prep

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In a recent survey, I asked homeschoolers and test prep teachers what the typical point increase was for students who took an actual SAT or ACT test prep course and for students who did not. The results were what I expected but not what is generally reported in the media.  Students who did not take a prep course, but rather prepared on their own using SAT/ACT prep books and online practice questions did not see an increase in their scores. It is usually reported that SAT prep increases a student’s score only by an average of 30 points. However it […]

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College Prep: SAT vs. ACT

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So you know your child will need to take college entrance exams as part of the college admissions process, but which test should he take and when? This post, College Prep: SAT vs. ACT, explains the similarities and differences of the tests to help you think through which test is best for your child. The SAT and the ACT are the two main exams your child will need to take. The tests are more similar than before since the SAT was redesigned in 2016, but there are some differences you should know about to help decide which is best for your […]

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College Prep: 8th Grade Counts

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Jumping through hoops. Yep. That’s what it boils down to. Navigating the road from high school to college can be tough. You’ve been told it’s easy. You’ve been told it’s hard. You’ve been encouraged. You’ve been discouraged. You’ve been given information. You’ve been given misinformation. Well now it’s time for the truth.  But let me warn you—next year the truth may change. Yes. The hoops change positions all the time. Sometimes hoops are taken down and replaced by other hoops. But here’s the good news:  Getting your homeschooled child into college is not difficult—it just requires knowing what hoops to […]

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