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Academic Writing vs. Creative Writing

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One kind of writing—academic writing—is rigid and procedural. It’s purposed purely to convey knowledge, data, and information. It’s orderly, organized, and follows a formula. It’s necessary. It can be dull. Anyone can master it. Everyone should master it. The other kind of writing—creative writing—is inspired and artistic. It entertains with word pictures, concepts, and deep meaning. It’s enjoyable to read and touches us while teaching us. It’s an art form. It’s not necessary to learn, but a joy to those who do. Academic writing will earn you A’s; creative writing may get you published. Academic writing must be taught, but […]

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Teach Them to Write!

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Practically every college professor complains about the dramatic decline in writing skills of college students. “If you teach them nothing else, please,” they implore, “Teach them to write!” Writing, or the pedagogy of writing, has been somewhat of a fixation of mine. You see, ever since I learned that my husband—who doesn’t have a writer’s heart—made straight A’s on all his college essays, while I—a passionate writer—didn’t enjoy such an experience, I’ve wondered about this thing called writing. Though I’ve always considered myself a writer, most of my teachers and professors didn’t view the methodical eloquence nor the originality and […]

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Journal Writing

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The benefits of journaling are countless. It was truly one of the best things we implemented into our homeschooling. Not only did my children enjoy journal writing, the time they put into journaling during the elementary years laid the foundation for academic writing in the middle and high school years. However, I did not allow my children to journal until they could spell some of the common words found in a typical journal entry. Charlotte Mason taught, and I believe, that children should not be allowed to write misspellings as it ingrains improper spelling into their minds. I think this is […]

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Narration is one of those treasures that, if done consistently, has potential for great reward. I believe it’s foundational to a successful homeschool education, reaping benefits far into the high school years. Here are some questions one homeschool mom asked about narration: My oldest is going into first grade and is reading probably at a second grade level. One of my goals this coming year is to establish the habit of narration. How should I schedule it? Should I pick a book (like Aesop’s fables) and have him narrate from it once a week? Or do I have him narrate […]

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Why Your Child Dislikes Writing

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It can be rather discouraging for the homeschool mom when, after trying every method and motivation possible, a child simply refuses to write. If you’re in that boat, don’t despair! Many a homeschool mom has fought this battle and won, so you are not alone. There could be one of many reasons why your child dislikes writing. The encouraging thing to know is there are simple solutions to address and overcome each and every one of these obstacles. The first factor is that perhaps your child doesn’t like the physical mechanics of writing. Does he hold his pencil with an […]

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