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Socializing Your Homeschooler

homeschool Homeschooling socialization

Are homeschooled kids socially deprived? That’s what some people who don’t homeschool their children say. Of course these folks don’t understand the homeschool process or what socialization really looks like. Contrary to the conjecture of homeschool critics, I generally find homeschooled children to be remarkably bright, polite, and humble (this might have the appearance of social deprivation in a society that promotes self and lack of discipline). For example, a particular homeschooled child may “appear” shy because he is not being loud and drawing constant attention to himself. At first blush, the world may consider this child socially inept, when in […]

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Narration – A Foundational Educational Technique

Charlotte Mason homeschool narration

“What do you remember from what I just read?” I ask the gathering of children around me. Looking to the four year old, I encourage him to begin. “I learned that the sun is ninety-three miles away. It’s so far away that it would take a lot of years to fly there in a spaceship.” The nine year old child draws a deep breath and rapidly explains, “It’s ninety-three-million miles away and it takes eight minutes for its light to reach us here on earth which means that we always see what the sun looked like eight minutes ago and […]

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Young Earth Creationism

Apologia Science creation creationism homeschool science young earth

Were animals created thousands, even millions of years before man, hunting, devouring and destroying one another as they do now? Was there death on this earth before the fall of mankind? What is death? Death is when something with life dies. Does that mean plant death? No. God tells us in Leviticus and many other places that the life is in the blood of the creature. For as for the life of all flesh, its blood is identified with its life.  So, death is when someone or something with blood in it dies. But, from where did death come? Therefore, […]

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Nature Walks That Work!

Charlotte Mason homeschool nature science

So we were all told that nature walks were part of Charlotte Mason’s education. Upon reading this, many of us promptly bought Comstock’s Handbook of Nature Study, packed our pencils and nature journals—one set for each child—and drove to some lovely nature spot to explore and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. We hoped to open our children’s eyes to the magnificence surrounding them and encouraged them to pick something to sketch or about which to write. Unfortunately, our family found it rather dull after a half hour or so. All we saw in nature was an endless trail of weeds, dirt, […]

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How to Have a Quiet Time

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During the years I taught Bible study, I met many women who had never developed the habit of a daily quiet time. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to have a quiet time, it was that they simply didn’t know exactly how. They had tried to read their Bibles, but found it didn’t gel. They tried to develop a habitual prayer life, but found their minds wandered when they were praying so that they couldn’t really get through their list of prayers. Because many adults didn’t grow up in Christian families, they have never been taught how to have a […]

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