You are Royalty

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Did you know once you received Christ as your Savior and Lord you became a child of the King of all creation? It’s true! Think of what that means. You are now a princess. You are royalty!

Now that we are royalty, we must have a total shift in how we think of ourselves. No longer are we insignificant. No longer do we need to strive for feelings of importance or value. We are already important, valuable, and significant. We don’t ever have to feel less than special, for we are supremely special as children of the King.

you are royalty

How do you think a princess feels about herself? She generally believes she was born for a purpose and with special significance in this world—after all, she’s royalty. Well guess what? That’s you!

God, the King, has given you, His child, a purpose in His Kingdom.

It’s as if you were once a slave out in the field. In the distance, you could see the royal castle, the house where the King and His children lived. Then one day the King and the first born son came out to the field and brought you into the house. The King chose you—out of all the field hands—to be invited in. And not just as a guest, but as a child to be adopted into the family. To share in the royal inheritance. The King accepted you in the beloved and found you special. He wanted you so much! And not just for a visit—but to be with Him forever.

I think a lot of us—though now sons and daughters of the King, true royalty and having a glorious inheritance with all the promises that brings—still feel like we did when we were out in the field. Insignificant and unimportant. Though accepted in the beloved, deep down many of us feel unacceptable and even rejected, living in uncertainty and fear.

However, when the King brought us in from the fields, He gave us a new name, a new identity, a new life. The King of Kings finds you so acceptable, so precious that He actually delights over you with singing.

You are like a precious jewel to Him!

You bring Him joy, just because you are you—not because of anything you do or don’t do. He brought you in and rejoiced over you when you were still wearing field clothing, still filthy from your old way of life. He loved you and thought you were so precious even then—when you were a real mess. How could He not feel the same about you today? Indeed, He does! His face lights up when He looks at you!

You are a special, royal member of God’s family. Believe it. Receive this truth and bask in the love, significance, and value that are yours forever and ever.

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