Strengthen Yourself in the Lord

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When a circumstance or situation comes your way that seems to deflate your joy, do what David did: Strengthen yourself in the Lord. How do you do this? Following David’s example, begin with praise.

 Strengthen Yourself in the Lord

Praising God even (or especially) when you don’t feel like it is SO important. It’s a true sacrifice. A sacrifice of praise. We should not be led by our feelings (our so), but by our spirit. Our soul—our mind, will, and emotions—should not rule us. Let your spirit rule and praise God in spite of the yucky thoughts and feelings going on in your soul.

Open to the book of Psalms and find a Psalm of praise to God. Begin reading it or singing it aloud. Keep praising Him with His Word! Play some hymns or worship songs that usually ignite your soul. Even if they don’t today, begin singing them as if you were in the mood to sing them. Set your mind on God as you praise Him. Don’t dwell on the things of this world. Focus on God and the truth of His Word.

Meditate on His love for you and His desire to deliver you, help you, and bless you.

God ordained praise as a blessing for us. The army of the Lord defeated the enemy with praise (2 Chronicles 20:22). Through praise, God also defeats the enemy. Remember, our battle is not against flesh and blood. The enemy cannot stand against us as our voices are raised in praise to our Lord, declaring how great and mighty He is. When situations or circumstances try to defeat you, strengthen yourself in the Lord with praise.


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