Hearing Him

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The one thing that separates our faith from the religions of the world is that we serve a God who is personal, a God who calls Himself our Friend and Counselor. We can hear God whispering, “This is the way, walk ye in it.” He says that by His peace He will lead us. We are led by that whisper to our spirits and the peace that follows when we go in the way He calls us to go. Sometimes He will ask us to travel roads that seem too hard for us. Sometimes He asks us to give up things that aren’t producing fruit in our lives, things with which we think we can’t bear to part.

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But our Counselor God never leaves us to do these things in our own strength.

He knows that if we try, we will surely fail. We must be completely yielded to Him, submitted in our hearts, seeking His strength and wisdom. Sometimes we must battle the spiritual forces that stand against our commitment to obey and stay on the path. Yet He will always have the victory in our lives.

He is Jehova Nissi—the Lord is our Banner. There is always victory with Him as long as we don’t turn away and listen to the wrong voice. If we do, He calls back to us because He loves us so much. God is always ready to redeem us, to repair the broken walls, to cleanse us from all unrighteousness when we confess our sins to Him. With that cleansing, comes renewal—another chance to step back onto the path, the perfect path for our lives, upon which He has called us to walk. If our child, who had lived in rebellion for years, wanted to come back and walk rightly, we would willingly forgive and pour out abundant blessings upon him.

How much more so a God who loves us so tenderly, so passionately?

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