Connecting with God: In a Quiet Place

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How do we, as busy moms, connect with the Lord? How do we nurture our walk with God in the midst of such activity? For homeschool moms it can be a challenge, but connecting with God in a quiet place is the first step.

When Jesus needed to connect with God, He escaped to a lonely place. This is hard to do unless we are willing to awaken an hour or more before our family does. I’m not going to pretend this was an easy thing for me when all my children were in the home. It wasn’t. But it was so rewarding. However, if you aren’t a morning person and can’t get up before your family, don’t beat yourself up.

Connecting with God: In a Quiet Place

There are many ways and times throughout the day to be alone with God. I discovered I could experience a wonderful renewal time with Him during the day—even when the entire family was awake and active.

First, I needed to have a quiet place I could go.

During the colder months, it was my bedroom. But when the weather became warm, my patio was such a place for me. I still enjoy it when the weather is beautiful and the outdoors can be my prayer closet.

Second, the children needed to understand the importance of what I was doing.

They needed to know I was spending time with the Lord and no interruptions were allowed—unless of course there was blood or fire, or a head injury.

Third, the children needed a list of things they could do during this time.

Usually, they would read several chapters in a book and do one of their quiet chores, like sort the clothes.

With these things in place—a quiet nook and quiet, busy children—I could enter into that special time with God that my soul craved. I stilled my anxious heart, my worries, my busy mind, and my endless mental list of things to do so I could genuinely pray and listen to the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit.

So go ahead and find that special spot that’s yours alone and start connecting with God in a quiet place.

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