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I have to admit, when I first began hearing about giving your children a Biblical Worldview, I really wasn’t sure what that meant. Of course, I could surmise what it meant. But when I gained an understanding of its accurate definition, I was moved deeply in my heart and wanted this for myself and my children. So for those of you who aren’t exactly sure what a Biblical Worldview is, this article will attempt a short, concise explanation.

My husband always tells me, “The art of wit is brevity.” I’m not known for being brief, but I’ll try. In Creation Ex Nihilo magazine, an article by Ken Ham states: “In one higher educational institution, a poll showed that 80% of the students believed in God when they went in, but this reduced to 16% at the end of the first year, as the effects of evolutionary teaching ‘hit home.’ Those taught logical reasons for their faith, and shown why evolution is not true, have a much higher ‘Christian survival rate.'”

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The Jesuits accurately state:

Give us a child until he is seven years old, and we will have him for life.

A Biblical Worldview is a mindset that always places God at the forefront of everything—all knowledge, beliefs, choices, and actions. We impart a Biblical Worldview to our children by continually pointing their hearts and minds to the Creator in every situation and in their education. 

We help the child to see that God is in all, above all, and never separate from any event, inconvenience, surprise, or happening. In fact, God is never surprised. He’s God over all things and all circumstances. We teach our children to believe the Word of God that says, “In all things give thanks.” Even when they didn’t get a place on the team, a part in the production, or the job they wanted.

God is sovereign over every single thing, including science, history, art, and the climate. Thus, when we instruct our children in any area, we impart a Biblical Worldview by focusing on God’s role in the progression of all things. 

Secular humanism teaches history as man’s history. It teaches about leaders and civilizations, and the subsequent fall of both as man’s achievements and failings, rather than as God’s hand upon mankind—both in blessing and in removing His blessing. Secular humanism teaches science as the understanding of the natural world and how it works apart from God. Children taught with secular/neutral texts learn that science is a subject separate from God. They are taught to compartmentalize God. 

If we educate our children without the acknowledgment of God, we are essentially giving them the same secular humanistic education that is responsible for the plummeting morality of our culture. As parents, we want to arm our children with knowledge and facts, as well as with faith.

Choose books and materials that edify and explain the truth in science, history, and all areas.

A Biblical Worldview essentially infiltrates our children’s minds with the knowledge that without God, nothing is possible and nothing exists, not even the tiny glittering sparkles they see when they examine a rose bud up close. They will see everything as part and parcel of God and His creation, and they will make every choice in light of this worldview.

I’ve often said to my children,

Whatever you do, in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus. Colossians 3:17

This means that in whatever they engage, whether baseball, ballet, or banking, they are working with all their hearts for an audience of One. 

If a child truly embraces a Biblical Worldview, he will seek to live his life in a way that honors the Creator. Whether a lawyer, doctor, or trash collector, he will glorify God in the choices he makes, shining His light and reflecting the gospel to the world. 

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Matthew 5:16

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