Nature Journal
Nature Journal
Nature Journal
Nature Journal
Nature Journal
Nature Journal
Nature Journal
Nature Journal
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Nature Journal

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Because quality lasts, but these years do not.

What a Nature Journal Should Be

Your child’s nature journal should be of the highest quality. For it is an archive of your special times outdoors, a chronicle of your child’s observations, thoughts, and drawings. They will become cherished keepsakes to remind you of the things you did right as a mother.  

  • Hardbound heirloom quality pu leather made to last for generations
  • Acid-free, cold-pressed, 140 lb, mixed media pages ~ no bleed through
  • Perfect size for travel and capturing precious moments
  • Coordinating elastic strap holds your page open
  • Silk coordinating ribbon keeps your place

A child with a quality nature journal will live up to its value with careful work

Your nature journal should inspire your children. 

It should be beautiful, just as God’s creation is, just as your child’s work is.

My one regret?

Using nature journals with my children that contained cheap paper inside a notebook that was not made to last. Their journals were created on an overlarge page (8 x 10) and each page usually had one small drawing. Even though the drawing was precious and captured a moment in time, it felt incomplete because the page was too big and the drawing got lost in all the extra space.

I always used the highest quality art supplies. Why didn't I use a high quality journal as well? I do regret it. Sure the colors of the wonderful plants and animals they drew are still vibrant after twenty plus years. But the notebooks they're preserved in...not so wonderful.

I don't want you to make the same mistake.

These Book of Life Heirloom Nature Journals are made to last a lifetime or four. They're made of the highest quality cold-pressed watercolor pages, allowing you and your children to use any medium: colored pencils, watercolor, various paints and paint pens, and chalk. The pages are thick enough to never bleed through.

While most journals can feel overwhelming with an overlarge blank canvas, this journal is the perfect shape, size and quantity of pages ~ 8 x 5 inches with 48 thick, high quality art grade pages ~ perfect for a full year of nature study! 

These are the journals I wish I had used with my children. 

This beautiful keepsake will grow into a treasure for years to come, reminding you and your children of all the wonderful places you went and the interesting items in nature your family discovered. 

Look at our premium, artist-quality pencils to bring your child's artwork to life.  Or check out our Nature School Bundle for a discount on bundling your nature essentials. 


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