Book of Centuries Timeline
Book of Centuries Timeline
Book of Centuries Timeline
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Book of Centuries Timeline

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Our Book of Centuries Timeline includes two sides (AD & BC) with blank pages and a continuous line with intermittent dates allowing your child to document their learning with illustrations or cutout pictures to increase their understanding of the historical significance of each person or event they study.

Like the Proven Methodology of Notebooking, Creating a Visual Timeline Increases Knowledge, Understanding and Long-term Retention

This Book of Centuries unlike any other available. It gives students a visual context and creativity needed to record and comprehend historical implications and connections as learning progresses.

The pages turn. The pages fold out. 
The perfect timeline.

Increases Your Child’s Retention

Build Visual Historical Connections

Grow Their Excitement for History

Develop Their Love for Learning

 A timeline that will be treasured for all time!

A Book of Centuries Timeline is an indispensable tool to increase understanding and enjoyment in the study of people, places, and events. As the years progress, students add to their timeline. This gives students a dynamic historical perspective and allows surprising connections to form. As previous entries overlap and intersect new entries, students will be delighted and amazed. As the years progress, these “Aha!” moments will multiply, and history will become an intriguing and beloved subject.

Whenever students are studying history, art, geography, music, the Bible, or any other topic that refers to people, places, or events of the past, encourage them to chronicle the dates on their Book of Centuries Timeline. Students would benefit greatly by adding small colored illustrations or printed pictures to their entry. The more your students add to their timeline throughout their years of study, the greater will be their understanding and enjoyment of learning.

This heirloom quality concertina timeline book is made with vegan leather covers, heavy multi—media paper, pages that turn, or foldout into a seamless 8-foot timeline. One side contains the BC (Before Christ) timeline beginning at 4000 BC. Turn the book over for the AD (Anno Domini) timeline.

With this distinctive folding timeline book, students can turn the pages to record what they are currently studying or unfold the book to see how everything they have previously studied fits in the annals of time chronologically. 

To save paper and ensure the book is a manageable size, the centuries that have fewer events in recorded history are condensed onto two pages. In the centuries where a great deal of the history is known and recorded, more space is made between centuries to allow room for a greater number of entries. 

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