Premium Colored Pencils - 72 Artist-Quality
Premium Colored Pencils - 72 Artist-Quality
Premium Colored Pencils - 72 Artist-Quality
Premium Colored Pencils - 72 Artist-Quality
Jeannie Fulbright Press

Premium Colored Pencils - 72 Artist-Quality

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You will Never Regret Investing in the Highest Quality Art Supplies.

Your children's art pencils should flow smoothly and richly from the moment the tip hits the page. 

This will ensure your children enjoy the process of creating. The wrong tools ~ art supplies that don't yield the results desired ~ extinguish the flame of creativity. Pencils that require effort to use discourage them from completing their work with excellence. 

These artist quality pencils flow onto the page with an ultra smooth, even color. Not only do they glide easily across your paper, they blend beautifully & layer effortlessly. You'll be amazed by their rich, vibrant, and deep coverage.

These are tested by a veteran homeschool mom that cares about your homeschool journey.

All over the internet, companies promise their pencils have rich vibrant colors. Nine out of ten times, they over-promised and very much under-delivered. Even if you put muscle into it, the colors are dull, lackluster, and blah.

Your child's creations will become treasured memories. They should stay as vibrant 20, 30, 100 years from now as they are today.

These pencils live up to the promise. 

They are smooth and brilliant from the moment they touch the page. 

Give them quality supplies and they'll produce quality work that brings deep satisfaction and encourages them to continue to develop their skills and add to their nature journals and notebooks.