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Experience the Power of Poetry - Explore the Language that Illuminates it

Grades 1 - 6

Learn language arts through the beauty of poetry

Each Month Your Student Will: 

Meet and Honor a New Poet and Study His or Her Poems

Experience and Create Visual Narrations of the Poems

Mark the Poems, Identify Structure, and Learn New Vocabulary

Discover the Language Arts and Poetic Devices Used 

Interpret and Reflect on the Message Conveyed

Copy the Poems to Practice Handwriting, Syntax, Sentence and Poetry Structure

Creatively Express the Poems in Writing and Recitation 

Model the Poems by Composing Original Poetry

Celebrate the Poet with Illustrations, Written Narration, or Tea Time


Living Verse unwraps the gift of poetry. It will help you children reach new heights in both intellectual culture and language development. Your children will become stronger thinkers, stronger speakers. and stronger writers as they discover, experience, appreciate, creatively express, model, and celebrate the poets and poems found in this volume. 


Living verse is a uniquely integrated language arts and poetry curriculum, covering academic standards for students grades 1 - 6. 


Written by Shiela Catanzarite: 

Shiela Catanzarite is a 20-year Charlotte Mason veteran homeschooler. She’s worked as Jeannie Fulbright’s editor and designer for 10+ years helping develop Jeannie’s Apologia science curriculum and most recently her Charlotte Mason products published through Jeannie Fulbright Press.

Shiela earned her bachelor’s degree in Special Education and her master’s in Christian Education (MACE) from Dallas Theological Seminary and is currently a Language Communication Coach, working one-on-one with students who have language learning and communication challenges. In addition, she teaches private middle and high school communication classes that focus on speaking and writing.

Both of Shiela and her husband Bruce’s children attended college on scholarship and went on to pursue graduate studies in medicine and business. She attributes their love for learning to their close walk with God and homeschooling with Charlotte Mason’s philosophy and methodology.