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Preschool STEAM Adventure Activity Kit 

The Mason Jar Manna Butterfly ESCAPE Crate invites your preschooler into a world of learning through:

Exploration.  Science.  Creativity.  Art.   Play.  Education.

Valued at over $100, this kit will bring your child months of adventure, learning, and joy. 

The Butterfly ESCAPE Create includes:


Mason Jar and Magnifier: Your child will explore the beautiful outdoors with: a mason jar to collect interesting items and a magnifying glass to study the special finds they discover. (exploration, science)

Butterfly Garden Growing Kit: Provided is all you need to grow a butterfly habitat for all butterflies, including monarchs! Peat soil, peat pots, and milkweed flower seeds are provided in the kit. (science, education)

Chiffon Butterfly Wings: For role play and imagination, your child will wear their wings and flutter about the world as a monarch butterfly. (play, creativity)

Butterfly Life Cycle Figurines: On the white cardboard circle provided, your child will place each figurine in the correct order of the butterfly's life cycle. (science, education)

Butterfly Lego Bricks: Your preschooler will follow detailed instructions to build a butterfly using Lego bricks . (science, engineering, education)

Butterfly Mural: With the chalk provided and your help, your child will draw human sized butterfly wings on cement or on a fence. He'll then color in the wings with designs of his own to create a giant mural. Have fun photographing your child standing in front the wings he created. (art, creativity)

Finger Paint Postcards: On the postcards provided, your child will finger paint butterflies, flowers, and caterpillars and send the postcards with a note to family and friends. (art, creativity, science, education)

Finger Paint & Sticker Poster: Using the garden scenery poster page provided, your child will finger paint flowers and add butterfly stickers to create a small poster. (art, creativity, science)

Butterfly Puppets: With the bright and beautiful butterflies, clay, glue, and craft sticks, your child will make caterpillar and butterfly puppets then put on a puppet show for everyone to enjoy! (creativity, play)

Nature Walk Butterfly: Take your child out in nature to collect colorful and interesting items to put in the plastic bag provided. Once the bag is filled, your child will use a chenille wire to create the butterfly body and antennae. (creativity, exploration, art, play) 

The butterfly ESCAPE Crate hands on learning activities go perfectly with The Buzzwood Bunch Saves the Butterflies picture book, which will be available soon.



CHOKING HAZARD - Children Under 3

This toy is not suitable for ages under 3 years. It contains small parts.