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Nurture a Love for Nature and Build Faith

On Buzzwood Lane four children meet

at the tree house on their street.
And every single day
they find something new
to explore, create, learn, and do.
They laugh, they play, they have their lunch.
They call themselves the Buzzwood Bunch.

When four best friends visit Butterfly Land, they discover the wonders of the butterfly lifecycle. This reminds them of how we are changed when we trust in Jesus. Just like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, we are made new creations in Christ.

Moments later, the Buzzwood Bunch spots a masked man stealing caterpillars! Together, the children work to foil the plot of the caterpillar thief.

This exciting adventure story featuring four multicultural children teaches science and the message of salvation while empowering children to right the wrongs they see in the world.

This first book in the Mason Jar Manna Preschool Science Series is sure to delight your children ages 3 and up while also teaching scientific facts and Biblical truth. 

An electronic version of this book is available on Amazon's Kindle. It is temporarily enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited program.