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Nature Study Tools Bundle Discount

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What a Nature Journal Should Be

Individually Priced $18.99

Your child’s nature journal should be of the highest quality. For it is an archive of your special times outdoors, your child’s observations, thoughts, and drawings. When your children are grown and gone, raising families of their own, you will have these to cherish as memories of the things you did right as a mother.  

Your nature journal should inspire your children. 

It should be beautiful, just as God’s creation is, just as your child’s work is.


Because their work should be as bright and beautiful

Individually Priced $49.99

Art pencils should draw smoothly and brightly from the moment the tip hits the page. The pencils should be easy to sharpen and last for years and years. 

Your children should enjoy the process of creating. They won't if they are given the wrong tools ~ art supplies that don't yield the results desired extinguish the flame of creativity. Pencils that require effort to use...tire them out and discourage them from completing their work with excellence. 

Give them quality supplies and they'll produce quality work that brings deep satisfaction and encourages them to continue to develop their skills and add to their nature journals and notebooks. 

These pencils are homeschool mom tested and will bring years of pleasure to all your children's illustrations.


Because nature is a lot more interesting than what can be seen with the naked eye

Individually Priced $15.99

Everything just got a lot more interesting. It includes a LED or UV light that turns on when the magnifier is fully extended. 


Because they should have ownership of nature study

Individually Priced $11.99

 These high quality, cotton-canvas Scripture daypacks are perfect for you and your children's nature walks. They are sturdy and washable. Each child should have their own, filled with snacks, water, their own magnifying glass, their nature journal, and colored pencils. 

Nature Study Bundle

  • Heirloom Quality Nature Journal  $ 18.99
  • 72 Artist Pencils                                 $ 49.99
  • Professional Quality Magnifier      $ 15.99
  • Scripture Daypack                             $ 11.99                                                   

Individually Priced: $96.96

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