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A boy, his dog, and a time machine.

What could go wrong?

When Dad and the family dog, Rumble, accidentally plunge through time, eleven-year-old Marco takes charge. He, his twin brother Kahn, and their sister Esther follow them to a world they never imagined. Terrifying pterosaurs swoop and dive, dangerous dinosaurs pound the earth . . . and what about those nasty Nephilim? 

When Marco is rescued by a famous person from the Bible, things really get interesting. Soon, Marco begins to wonder if they’ll make it out of the dinosaur days alive. 

This delightful and action packed book teaches Bible history and science through the many adventures of Marco and Rumble. 

The book is filled with illustrations of the many dinosaurs and other animals Marco encounters. 

Recommended for ages 8-12

However, many of my beta readers had children as old as eighteen and as young as four that were completely captured by the story.